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 "The Real cause of the Florida shootings"

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Emily Hunter SlingluffA lifelong Virginian, graduate of Sweet Briar College, and assistant editor at The Virginian-Pilot, I had 3 miscarriages and, later, spent 7 1/2 months of a pregnancy in bed. I have 2 very dear children... a son who is married and is a surgeon and cancer researcher, and a daughter who is married and has two grown daughters.

I love life. My parents helped me appreciate nature in all of its forms. I live near the ocean and enjoy it with a passion. I love my family and my friends and also enjoy solitude. Writing and thinking about parenting have taken up much of my time all of my adult life.

A director of Norfolk Academy, the school where my children had gone for many years before college, asked me what I had done with them before they ever went to First Grade.  That became my first book.

Author of 3 books:
  • A Present to the Newborn: A Primer for Positive Parenting
  • Parenting without Punishment
  • Peace

It’s been thrilling to me to have numerous articles about parenting published and to be on tv and national radio shows.  Also it is very thrilling to find that more and more parents seem to be accepting the philosophy that parents should work with their child instead of against their child.  I like my new made up word for this, Parentogethering.

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