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Perhaps God should be included in every blog I write. Perhaps He is included.

My feeling is that for those who believe in God, happiness with life is synonymous with believing in God.

Some question whether it is necessary to believe in God in order to understand true happiness. Personally, I cannot know the answer to that because I have always felt His presence and His help. I am thankful.  And I feel a need to open thinking if I can, and write the hope that every parent alive is, to the best of her or his ability, trying to help the child appreciate life itself. The parent who is kind and open, working with the child instead of against the child, will be helping the child feel secure and happy to be alive instead of the opposite, which is confused, insecure, and unhappy.

There are theories that an unhappy parent will have trouble trying to be kind to the child, that such is difficult for a person who herself is not appreciative of life. However, even if difficult, even if the parent is not quite able to do what some others may do, just trying surely helps. A parent, however troubled by her or his own past, can remember that she asked for the child and the child is being influenced all the time in the important formative years by what the parent says and does.  Even the attitude of the parent toward parenting makes a huge difference.

Parenting is a thrilling job and a very important job that is time consuming but can be an enormous pleasure all the time.  Those who accept God probably do find that almost any job in life is less difficult than it might be.  There is a serenity that exists, that helps make life wonderful and easy, too.    

When more individual children are happier, then, overall, there will be less unpleasantness, less crime, more peace. There will be more caring about others. Oversimplifying?  Probably not!  Overstating the Importance?  Probably not!

With personal thankfulness, and with much hope that my writings are helping more people realize that parenting is not only probably the most important job, but can be the pinnacle of pleasures.  Appreciating all of life matters.

Emily Slingluff
Emily Slingluff

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