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My goal is writing these blogs is to help more parents realize the joy of parenting, the thrill of it, the fun of it, and the huge importance of it.

What would you say is the most important job? We need farmers and carpenters and on and on. Almost every job is important. But how well each job is done matters, and that is determined by the person doing the job. The world can be no better than the people in it. All people arrive in this world slightly different, none exactly the same. Then, the formative years matter. At that time, the main influence is the parent, directly or indirectly. So, what can a parent do? Does it matter? Of course it does! And, new scientific research has shown that even genes can be changed in the formative years if there is abuse to the young child. The first years of life matter HUGELY in the child’s development. Everything the parent does and says to the child affects that one child, and also it affects all the people the child interacts with, forever. So, maybe, probably… the most important job is the job of parenting.

As parents, we are free to do what makes sense to each one of us. Some parents complain about their child and are actually mean to the child. Perhaps these parents do not realize that there is an option, but think that they are supposed to be dictators, forcing the child to do this and that and punishing the child a lot. Perhaps they think this is helpful to that little person, so ready to learn. How sad. And probably it is the reason I have been spending years writing and speaking about parenting. Just imagine the difference there could be, overall, if all parents were always kind to their children. Recently, I have been on several shows discussing “Are Mass Murderers Formed in the Crib?” The answer is yes, sometimes.

The parent can be on the child’s side rather than on some opposing side. The parent can help the child learn about life by being open and friendly and honest and kind. A parent who is kind to the child will find that the child is kind back to the parent and to others. Spreading kindness, a real caring about others, is a most worthy job.

Emily Slingluff
Emily Slingluff

For many years, I have been writing about parenting, and have three short, easy to read, books available on Amazon, in paperback and kindle.

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 The Real Cause of Mass Murders

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